Friday, August 12, 2011

Someday I'll be livin' in a big ol' city

In just a little over a week I am moving out and heading to CCC. My room looks like a storm hit (not that it doesn't always look that way, but that is beside the point) as I am in full prep mode for college. The process for getting everything finalized for school has been a little stressful for me but my Savior is the ultimate provider!

As it gets closer and closer I get more excited about college, living in a dorm, meeting new people, and so much more. But as it gets closer and closer I also realize how much I am going to miss my family. Not having my mom, dad, Matt and Abby around all the time is going to be hard. All of them are some of my best friends and it will be weird to live without them. It is all part of growing up though.

It has been nearly 2 months since I left for China. Not a day goes by (actually, it's more like not 5 minutes goes by) without me thinking of that precious blue building on the other side of the world. I miss the laughter and the tears. I miss my team and the nannies. I miss everything about the country and the 140 beautiful children I had the opportunity to spend time with. My heart hurts so bad when I think of their faces and how each of them was uniquely created by my sweet Jesus and then I remember that they are still waiting for forever families. God is there though, and I have to rest in that.

It is coming into a new chapter in my life and God is teaching and showing me all sorts of new things. He is stretching my faith and gently reminding me He is still in China with the orphans and at the same time He is right here in Florida taking care of my school bills. He will be with me as I move out and He will also stay with my family and be watching over them.

My God is so big! So strong and so mighty, there's nothing my God cannot do!