Saturday, November 5, 2011

Airplanes in the Night Sky

So in case you haven't heard, my family is adopting. And yes, we are pretty stoked about it. I love the beautiful picture that adoption creates; we were once orphans and God has adopted us into his family! And of course I love love LOVE the fact that there will be one less orphan in the world. My God never stops amazing me in the way He provides and the people He sends to be an encouragement. Praying that this process will go quickly and smoothly.

On my way back to school from my nannie and papa's house there is this little airport I pass. It's tiny, but still you can see the runway and at  night all the lights are lit up. There is something about it; this weird adrenaline rush I get when we drive by. It is the same chill down my spine I get when I hear an airplane fly over as I sit in class. It's the same emotions I feel as I spend hours reading blogs on orphan care and reading how I can be involved. It is hearing God whisper, "Go."

My major at school is communications. Partly because I like communications, mostly because I don't know (or didn't know...not sure how to word that) what I want to do once I graduate. But what I do know is God is working on this heart of mine. And orphan care is something He is turning my attention towards.

There is a huge part of me that wants to hop on a plane tonight and go feed the orphans in Africa, cuddle with the orphans in China, teach a preschool class for the orphans Mexico. But I know God has me right where he wants me "for such a time as this" and I must patiently wait on Him. And maybe He will never send me, maybe I am just supposed to stay right where I am and be a voice for the fatherless here; and I am ok with that. And I am ok with going.

I don't know what my God is doing in my heart, but I am listening, and I will follow.

Please pray for my family as we go through this adoption process and pray for my soon to be sibling as well that she can feel our love all the way on this side of the world. (Trust me we have enough for you, sweet girl to reach that far!) I will keep posting as the process continues.