Tuesday, April 3, 2012

When Waiting Isn't Enough

Have you ever been waiting in a line to check-out somewhere and the person behind you is getting impatient with the speed of things and eventually they walk out without even making a purchase? I saw this happen just the other day. Now I realize that this person most likely had somewhere to be. It was lunch hour and they probably had a job to get back to. But it got me thinking. 

I consider myself a pretty patient person. I am good about waiting my turn. I don't mind if a lot of time goes by before I get an answer. Usually. 

In the adoption world it has been a couple of months of just waiting. And honestly it has been frustrating. But I can put a smile on and say "Well I am waiting on the Lord."

And it's true. I am waiting on Jesus to work in His time to accomplish what steps need to be done next. I am waiting because there is physically nothing I can do to speed the process up. I am waiting because that is very literally my only option. So I can pretend to be super spiritual and talk about waiting on the Lord or I can be real. 

I think my God would chose for me to be real. And waiting isn't enough. 

Over and over again in scripture we are told to wait on the Lord. But I am convinced that this is not a complacent, sit-back, and watch kind of waiting. It is a full force trust in the Lord and being on my knees in prayer for His will, His timing, and His perfect peace. It is knowing He is working on every little detail and He will continue to work out every need. It is hoping for the things to come. 

So today, I am really waiting on the Lord. With all my trust, hopes, and prayers. 

Waiting to be matched with a little princess that will be my sister. 
Waiting for the next step we can take. 
Waiting for our dossier to be sent to China. 
Waiting for her to finally be home. 

Lord, I will be still, and wait on you.