Thursday, August 16, 2012

He is faithful...

The past couple of months have been a whirlwind of excitement with events including: my cousin having her second beautiful baby girl, I moved back to my Sebring home, worked with my mom on painting the playroom for the girls and getting the room ready, and oh, WE RECEIVED HER FILE!!!!!
On July 9th around 5:30 I pulled out some fabric that my mom and I had picked up to make a small quilt to send to our girl when that time finally came. I even joked with my dad and said, "I'm starting to work on this hoping it means we will get our referral soon." We cut the fabric and I started to sew away. Just a few minutes after 6 the phone rang and time stood still. I watched as my mom's eyes filled with tears and I knew that was it. The agency was sending us a file to review although we all already knew the answer; this girl was no doubt meant to be part of my family, we had known that for months, she is my sister.
Now that we have pre-approval for our sweet girl we have a sort of timeline to follow and it looks like we could travel between December and January.
The most exciting part of getting to this point is that we were able to send her a care package. So right know on the other side of the world there is a little girl who knows she has a family. She is beginning to understand that she is longed for and belongs in a home. And that my friends makes my heart very, very happy.
I continue to be overwhelmed with His faithfulness as He provides little miracles all along the way. He is in it and He will always be in it.
My God is greater!

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